Building Green

There are many decisions to be made when planning a new home or remodeling project, but the most important decision is how to incorporate green building practices into your project.  

Remember, together we can make a difference and integrating green building strategies into your project will help preserve the environment for future generations.  Not only are we preserving the environment but we are also making your home more comfortable and healthy for your family. Clark Design Build is committed to building green with the latest innovations in green building to create homes that are healthy, efficient and beautiful.  

If you’re not familiar with green building, you may now be asking yourself, what is green building?  Green building is a comprehensive approach that conserves natural resources, uses water and energy wisely for long-term savings, uses healthy products and incorporates sustainable materials, improves indoor environmental quality, reduce and recycles construction and demolition waste and facilitates ease of responsible use and maintenance of your home.

When building with Clark Design Build, we will advise you through each stage of your project on appropriate ways to integrate green building components into your project that are right for your home and your family. 

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