Aging in Place

Like many families today, you may be concerned if your home will meet your future needs or your extended families needs as you all age in your home together.  The term “Aging in Place” refers to a residence that is designed to allow a home owner to remain living in their home throughout all ages. 

Clark Design Build is well experienced in Designing for the Ages as well as Universal Design for people with disabilities. Our goal in doing so is to create a balanced harmony of togetherness and independence in your home that brings your family together.  As part of our carefully considered design process, we understand you or your loved one’s needs and can help provide a safe, comfortable and beautiful space that all of your family can enjoy.

If you are considering remodeling your existing home or building a new one and you have not put any thought into Aging in Place, Clark Design Build can work with you to integrate these practices into your design while saving you what could be great amounts of money down the road.  Please feel free to contact our design team for a copy of our Universal Design Guide Lines by filling out our contact form on this site. 

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